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 17 DIY Investor Magazine | Oct 2019
From the retailer’s perspective, both ‘click and collect’ and returns bring customers off the internet and into the stores, where they can be tempted to make additional purchases.
Out-of-town locations are ideal for ‘last-mile’ delivery and the storage of goods bought online, so many retailers are taking advantage of retail parks’ strategic locations to maximise the efficiency of their deliveries.
It’s this combination of online and offline that makes retail parks such an attractive investment. We foresee a future in which the major chains have fewer stores on the high street and much better out-of-town representation in retail parks.
‘Bricks’ and ‘clicks’ will work together to deliver the consumer’s preferred experience – and retail parks will be pivotal in facilitating that.
Not all retail parks are equal, however; at Ediston, our investment approach is highly selective. We avoid more than 60% of the retail-park subsector because we’re only interested in parks that dominate their local area.
Nor are we interested in ‘over-rented’ properties – where rents are too high and are will be difficult to sustain when leases expire. Instead, we favour parks with affordable rents and the potential for us to improve returns through intensive asset management.
We aim to get under the skin of each property we own so that we can secure and improve the income streams for our investors. Our conviction in the right retail parks is so strong that we intend to build one of our own at our site in Haddington, outside Edinburgh.
We’ve had abundant interest from potential tenants, and we expect most of the units to be let well before construction starts. Retail isn’t dying – far from it. But it is evolving. We aim to harness that evolution on our investors’ behalf.
As e-commerce evolves into omnichannel, we’re confident that the best retail parks have the locations, facilities and flexibility to prosper in the online age.
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