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                Overall device growth is just 1.6% this year following a flattish 2018. Having peaked in 2011, the PC market has been declining ever since with units falling a further 1.3% last year.
Tablets peaked in 2014 when 250 million units
were shipped but sales have since declined for 16 consecutive quarters – units declined 6% in 2018.
The smartphone market continues to falter amid high penetration and a slowing pace of innovation with units declining 1% last year with growth of 1.4% expected between 2017-2022.
At an IaaS level, storage spending is expected to decline by 1.8% per annum through 2022 despite expectations of a 10x increase in data creation between 2017-2025. This is because the cost of data storage is declining at a
commensurate rate: $100 next year will buy you 20-40% more gigabytes of storage than $100 will this year.
The outlook for mainframes also looks problematic with more than half of CIOs using mainframes today expecting to move off them within the next five years. While servers remain a bright spot, this largely reflects hyperscale demand and pass-through of higher server component prices (which are currently reversing).
Even within software, budgets continue to be reallocated away from legacy areas such as infrastructure.
Like electricity before it, the cloud has become both the source of and saviour from disruption, with cloud computing now providing the infrastructure to help businesses drive their digital transformation.
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